Shidnak The Warrior

Veer Shidnak Warrior :

"Shidnak Mahar, was a head of the battalion, he requested to Peshwas we might to fight against British and wish to assist you, because British are foreigner, however Peshwas denied their request and insult them and said you'll not get any single right, the place stay same whether you fight against us or British. It was the beginning of battle of self-respect and rights. II Bajirao Peshwa was eager to capture Poona from British, for he had marched ahead with his huge army, reached ‘Chakan’ and stationed there to chalk out the strategy.

Yet British army with another squad under leadership of General Smith was chasing after Peshwa army from opposite end. Indeed, it was a crucial juncture and Herculean task before Filsman. There was a bad need of forces with proven outstanding qualities to get rid of enemy Peshwas having vast well equipped army or 25,000 to 30,000. After weighing/foreseeing situation of imminent do or die war, Filsman’s mind flashed with an idea. He thought of the best option i.e. it was to deploy the most dedicated, determined, dare deviled and loyal battalion i.e. Bombay Infantry First Regiment’s Second Battalion. This Battalion comprised of 500 Mahar soldiers, 250 Horseriders24 British officers and gunners having 205 small guns/Tofu arms and ammunition. Captain Stanton was leader of the battalion. Captain Stanton ordered his battalion to attack enemy. It was a plan terrain of Bhima-Koregaon. As such, it was a direct fight, no guerrilla tactics. Peshwas army comprised of 25000 soldiers, 5000 horse-riders, whereas British army was of mere 500 Mahar soldiers, 300 horse riders and 5 British officers. It was indeed do or die war for Mahars for retaliation, hence spirit was at their pinnacle height, there was no fear of death in Mahar soldiers. The fight lasted for one day and one night continuously. One soldier was fighting with 40 soldier of enemy Peshwa. Looking to grave situation of war, Captain Stanton ordered to surrender his army and declared them defeated. On knowing this, Mahar soldiers who were ceaselessly fighting with enemy, got furious at Captain Stanton and shouted, “Sir!, please do not think to go back at any rate, do not get afraid, this Mahar soldiers will fight till last breath. We shall not leave this war place till last enemy and till last bullet.” Captain Stanton was pleased see so. He again freshly orders to attack the enemy i.e. last enemy and last bullet. Consequently, Mahar soldiers had inspiration and started fighting with double cheer. The Peshwas army discouraged with this development. The war was continued whole night. Mahar soldiers were fighting as if death was afraid of them. In course of the war, Commander-in-Chief of Peshwa army Bapu Gokhale’s son Govind Baba was killed and he got the news. He was totally discouraged. He cried and terribly shouted with pain by taking his son’s dead body on his laps. He completely lost his mental balance. As such, he ordered his force to get back to Fulgaon where Bajirao Peshwa II was camped. Mahar soldiers chased the enemy till the enemy crossed the Bhima River. Thus British won the incredible battle. It may be recalled about the Commander-in–Chief Bapu Gokhale. (Ref: Maratha Jaga Hotoy. i.e. Maratha being awaken. (Latest Marathi Book) that to become Commander-in-Chief of the army, he was compelled to offer his tin-aged daughter to Bajirao Peshwa for fortifying his physical lust. It was so common in Peshwa regime that in order to achieve power, position, blessings one had to appease Peshwa with something, especially offering of his young sisters, daughters and women irrespective of qualities to handle the position or power. Having been so, Commander-in-Chief of Peshwas army Bapu Gokhale (Brahmin) was incompetent person as he had no basic qualities required for the post, because he had had this post not through his fighting qualities/skills; but through bribing or such other offerings for achieving blessings from the Peshwa king. In autocracy (king rule) king is like a lion and people (Praja) are like lambs. As such, lion has full liberty to eat any lamb. So, Peshwas were so merciless that they spread havoc over people and for their illegitimate acts, they used to authenticate their illegitimate acts into legitimate acts by way of their evil-cum-orthodox prone with lack of scientific approach, logic, cause and effect relationship, scriptures Ramayana, Mahabharata, Manusmruti, Vedas and other such vested interest scriptures. Other than Brahmins, had no mercy at all in their regime. Their philosophy based on superior Caste/Race which they used to make nonstop propaganda so as to enable them to authenticate on people’s mind. Obviously, the propaganda were well adhered to their religious scriptures which were only for their benefit and so tactfully written by Brahmins only. But Brahmins do not accept that these scriptures were not written by them and their ancestors, but by god. It is utter false. “Repeat 99 times a lie, then at the 100th count, the lie becomes truth.” So is this case. If we see the history of Peshwa regime, we find Peshwas had snatched readymade kingdom of Shudra King Shivaji who had so laboriously built up by means of his loyal people who all hail from Bahujan Samaj. Of course, Mahar community was among the military force of the King Shivaji. Peshwas are seen involved perennially in wine, women, all kind of luxuries, entertainment. They had princely life. They were excellent orators, expert manipulators for their selfishness. Basically they were timid. They could not bear physical onslaught, physically weak as they were indulged in luxurious life perennially. They were too much busy in worshipping gods, religious ceremonies, yajna, satyanarayan pooja, receiving donation (dakshina) from people. They established fear of god in people’s mind, spread blind beliefs in name of god. Thus they manage to stop thinking power of people. They admired their-selves and their community relentlessly and boosted like anything. Though it was not true at all they had full political power, being they (Peshwas) were rulers. But, basically they hailed from profession of receiving offerings (Dakshina) being Brahmins. So their attitude of receiving Dakshina had not changed, though they were rulers. Consequently, they did not bother quality of person while appointing responsible post, viz. Commander in Chief of armed forces post was offered to incompetent person Bapu Gokhale in lieu of offering his tin-aged daughter to Peshwa. They had huge army and were in apprehension that they won’t be able to get defeated at any circumstance. So was their ego and over-confidence which ultimately attributed to their waterloo. I would like to state an important incidence that had happened during 1934. Government had ordered to investigate about Nana Phadnavis’s life. So, a delegation went to his house. Vital evidence’s piece of paper was found, containing the list of women to whom Nana Phadnavis had extra-marital relationship. A delegate having pro-Peshwa mind, had eaten and swallowed the paper. With this, the very important evidence was destroyed. Thus the curtain on evil deeds of Nana Phadnavis was closed for ever. There is such kind of evidence available in Indian history, that BSO had either destroyed Bahujans marvelous history or distorted in various spell of time, because authority of education was confined to Brahmins only for ages. So it was Brahmin to decide to whom to project better and to whom not, disregard with the fact. Brahmins were to decide, whether it is fact or not, of course it was vested interest oriented so is the case of Bhima-Koregaon war during 1818 where Mahars martial spirit was not projected by BSO. So it is our Bahujans duty to read the history of our marvelous ancestors and bring the same before people. Here I recall once again about golden chapter of Indian history and harmony of various communities including Muslims and Mahars at crucial war time with excellent and professional teamwork of Indian forces in war of Wadgaon that won against the British forces during 1779. That time Mahars were fought under the leadership of Mahadaji Shinde, against the British. Mahar soldiers had played key role and won the war against British. Indeed, it is seen in pre-independence history of India that whenever Mahars fought either in favor of British or Maratha the side was found won. I.e. at Wadgaon Maratha won and at Bhima-Koregaon British won. It was sure that without Mahar victory was not possible, so was the equation in those days. So was their martial, do or die spirit on war place, never think of leaving war place despite all odds, defying Commander-in-Chief during war at crucial junction by disobeying order to weapon down. There is no doubt that innumerable event, (which never came into light as BSO had suppressed their chapter of marvelous history, their loyalty for nation, though they were maltreated during Peshwa regime. Had Peshwas been treated them fraternally, harmoniously with justice, without paying heed to their evil scriptures (evil to Mahar and entire Bahujans in India), they (Peshwas) would have named respectfully, and perhaps, they would have remain invincible as against British forces. So I dare say that the evil scriptures made they egoist, overconfident, compel them making dissociation with fighting communities and association with worthless people by offering highly responsible posts which ultimately lead them to their own waterloo."

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